Terms and Conditions – Loyalty Program

  1. The Tenfold Rewards card is issued by and remains the property of Tenfold Investments Pty Ltd, ABN 57 106 990 934 (Tenfold).
  2. Application for, and/or use of your Tenfold Rewards card, is deemed acceptance of the Tenfold Rewards Terms and Conditions.
  3. For enquiries or to report lost or stolen cards call management on 08 6147 4500 or send to PO Box 666, Balcatta WA 6914.
  4. Tenfold Rewards sign up procedure:
    • Sign up is open to all Australian residents and visitors who are 18 years and older.
    • New members can sign up via:
      • Online forms available at www.tenfoldinvestments.com.au or venue websites or Facebook pages.
        • All mandatory details must be completed to submit form/application
        • Once submitted, new members will receive an email to verify their email account
        • Once verified, a Tenfold Rewards card will be issued at the nominated ‘local’ venue and requires the new member to collect in person. No cards will be posted. Card pick up will not be available after 6.00 pm.
      • Physical sign up form in venue.
        • All mandatory details must be completed.
        • Once submitted staff will activate and provide the new member with their Tenfold Rewards card.
  5. The Tenfold Rewards card can be used at Tenfold Hospitality Group venues, excluding Ashby Village Coffee House. See below table for Member status and benefits details
    • Earning and redeeming Loyalty points and benefits are valid on food and beverage only at all venues excluding Ashby Village Coffee House where the Tenfold Reward card is not valid. For a full list of participating venues visit tenfoldinvestments.com.au
    • To earn and /or redeem points, members must present their Tenfold Rewards card to staff at point of sale when ordering. Staff will NOT be able to process points without your card and will not be able to award points after the sale is completed.
    • There are no fees associated with sign up. Any incidental costs relating to Tenfold Rewards are the sole responsibility of the card holder including costs associated with providing replacement cards.
    • Tenfold Rewards cards are not transferrable or redeemable for cash. The member who signed up to receive the card is the only person entitled to use the
    • Lost or stolen cards must be reported to management immediately, replacement cards will incur a $10.00 fee.
  6. Loyalty points are not available to be earnt or redeemed on the below items and services:
    • Purchase price of tickets for ticketed Functions or events
    • Prepaid Food or Beverage Packages
    • Equipment Hire etc
    • TAB
    • Gift cards/vouchers
    • Cigarettes and Tobacco Products
    • Merchandise
    • Not available in conjunction with any other offers or promotions
    • When redeeming points
  7. Existing Club card member points will be transferred to your Tenfold Rewards card.
  8. By becoming a member of the Tenfold Rewards loyalty program, the card recipient agrees and acknowledges they will be entered on Tenfold databases and will receive promotional material such as:
    • Exclusive member offers, promotions, events and invitations.
    • These will be sent out via email and/or SMS to the details provided at time of sign up
    • To redeem, members must present their Tenfold Rewards card to staff at point of sale when ordering.
    • It is the members responsibility to keep contact details associated with their Tenfold Rewards card up to date. No responsibility will be taken for missed offers and/or promotions. Members can update their details by using the link provided in each email
  9. Tenfold Rewards points may, at Tenfold’s discretion, expire or be canceled.
  10. Tenfold reserves the right to accept or reject any application for a Tenfold Rewards card at its sole
  11. Tenfold reserves the right to, at its discretion, suspend or terminate a Tenfold Rewards membership for reasons including, but not limited to, a breach of these Terms and Conditions, any engagement in or suspicion of fraudulent conduct or improper use of the card or if a member opts-out of all Tenfold communication. If a Tenfold Rewards membership is terminated, the member will not be eligible to receive any vouchers or other rewards
  12. Tenfold reserves the right to suspend, vary, alter or amend all or any part of these Terms and Conditions, or terminate the Tenfold Rewards program at any
  13. By applying for and/or using a Tenfold Rewards card, each member agrees to the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information in accordance with Tenfold’s privacy policy.

Tenfold Rewards Member Status and Benefits Table:

The benefit table sets out the basic benefits of the Tenfold Rewards program.

Membership levels are based on 12 month period and are assessed quarterly in terms of maintenance and immediately in terms of achievement. Bonus points may be available from time to time on certain products and/or in certain areas of the Venue.

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